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Twitter Confirms @Replies and Media Content Won't Count for 140-Character Limit

Exactly one week ago, rumors surfaced that Twitter might be thinking of dropping links and images from a tweet's maximum 140-character limit. Today, Twitter made it official.

In a blog post published a few hours ago, Twitter's product manager explained how these changes will affect user tweets. According to the company, the following elements won't longer count when you add them to a tweet or a reply-tweet: photos, GIFs, videos, polls, or quote tweets.

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Police Raid Google France HQ in Huge Tax Fraud Investigation

French police raided Google's Paris headquarters this morning, following a drawn-out tax fraud investigation that started back in 2011, Radio France International reports.

Around 100 tax officers entered Google's offices at 5:00 AM local time looking for evidence and documents to attest Google's tax-dodging ways.

In the past months, French officials have accused the US-based company of dodging local tax laws by funneling profits to its official European headquarters based in Dublin, Ireland.

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After Record High Numbers, a Lot of People Still Don't Know What Ransomware Is

A Kaspersky study of over 5,000 users in Canada and the US reveals that even if ransomware is today's most dangerous and prevalent malware infection, a lot of regular users have no clue what it is and what it does.

The study shows that while almost all security experts are sweating only by thinking of getting infected with ransomware even by accident, almost half of the surveyed users have no clue what it is, or that they can lose critical data after such infections.

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Samsung and LG to Steal the US Trade Show with New Display Tech for Flagships

Samsung’s and LG’s display divisions are expected to showcase their latest products this week at the US Trade Show in San Francisco. The companies’ OLED displays will be the main highlight of the event, and both manufacturers are expected to unveil curved and foldable OLED panels, as well as screens for virtual reality.

Samsung has been using Super AMOLED displays for most of its flagship phones, culminating with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that was released earlier this year.

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Protect Your PC from Malware by Running Applications Inside a Sandbox

The Internet is filled with all sorts of perils that put your computer at risk if you're not careful with the links you click and files you download. Having a powerful anti-malware application at hand plays an essential role in removing and preventing infections.

However, you can increase the level of safety by resorting to sandboxing tools. These are security applications that put together a virtual environment isolated from the rest of the machine. This way, if you get infected with malware because of a shady downloaded file or visited website while you're in the sandbox, for example, you can just revert Windows to a previous state.

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LG X5 Moniker Trademarked, New Smartphone May Be in the Works

Nowadays, most manufacturers release multiple variants of their flagship phones in order to meet the needs of various markets and consumers. LG used the same strategy with the G5, when it launched a slightly less powerful version named the G5 SE in China and Latin America, as well as other locations. Now, it seems that the company is working on a new device, the LG X5.

According to GSMinfo, LG has recently filed for a trademark on the X5 moniker with the Korean intellectual property rights authority. The company has registered the name, as well as the logo with an X and a small 5 next to it.

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