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App tries to fetch medical help before cardiac arrest kills you

The GoodSAM app
Is there a doctor nearby?

The GoodSAM app


If your heart stops beating, a 10-minute wait for an ambulance might be too long. What if trained first-aiders could be sent to you faster?

The London Ambulance Service has started using an app called GoodSAM to try to speed up its first response. The app lets bystanders witnessing a life-threatening emergency call the emergency services with the press of a button, simultaneously sending alerts to three nearby trained responders. Ambulance crews can also use the app to alert responders who may be able to get to the patient before they do.

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Amazon acquires Italy-based software firm

Elon Musk's vision is not for the faint of heart

Leave it to Elon Musk to make a company's stock jump nearly 5 percent a day after reporting widening losses - all in the middle of a market selloff.

Musk's electric vehicle startup, Tesla Motors Inc, on Wednesday posted its eleventh straight quarterly loss, when analysts had expected a profit. Tesla also said it planned $1.5 billion in capital spending this year but had just $1.2 billion in the bank.

Investors focused instead on Musk's promises to make Tesla profitable this year and to deliver 60 percent to 80 percent more vehicles than last year. Analysts described the forecasts as ambitious but not impossible.

It's precisely that outsized optimism that defines Musk and his appeal to the market, despite blown deadlines and long waits for profits in high-risk industries. Musk's two other ventures, SolarCity Corp and Space Exploration Technologies, also face steep challenges in cutting-edge industries.

"Investors look at Elon, and some say he's a promoter or that he steps over bounds with what he promises," said Robert W. Baird analyst Ben Kallo. "But his track record is pretty good. That's why he still attracts the type of institutional investors he does."

Still, at least six analysts slashed their price targets on Tesla shares. Kallo has a "neutral" rating on Tesla and lowered his price target to $230 from $282 on Thursday.

Tesla's stock rose 4.7 percent to $150.47 on Thursday and was among the Nasdaq's top percentage gainers in a weak overall market.

But the gain comes after steep losses so far this year. The automaker's shares are down more than 37 percent - and Musk's personal stake in Tesla has fallen by more than $3 billion.

Barclays analyst Brian Johnson called Tesla "one of the most polarizing stocks." Some investors seem to ignore short-term stumbles and see only a future vision of massive profits from disruptive technology. Others see delays and disappointing results as emblematic of the company's inability to deliver on Musk's soaring rhetoric.

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Google self-driving car effort expands hiring, posts manufacturing jobs

California insurance regulators probing Zenefits

Software company Zenefits is being investigated by the California Department of Insurance over questions about its business practices, the agency said Thursday.

California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones revealed in a statement that the agency had launched an investigation into Zenefits in 2015.

Jones said he had directed the agency to use additional resources to investigate whether Zenefits had complied with regulations that require the licensing and training of insurance agents and brokers.

The announcement of the investigation follows the resignation on Monday of Zenefits Chief Executive Parker Conrad, who was replaced amid allegations from state regulators that the startup failed to properly license its salespeople and adequately serve its customers.

Zenefits makes software for businesses to automate aspects of their human resources, including health insurance.

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Dell's $10 billion loans for EMC buy stall

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