Microsoft is working on bringing extension support in Edge browser, the new default option in Windows 10, and it turns out that so far the developers’ response is exciting, to say the least.

Ghostery, an ad and tracker blocker that’s already offering a Google Chrome extension, has confirmed that it’s working on a browser add-on for Microsoft Edge that would offer similar functionality on Windows 10. There is no deadline for the release of this extension, but it should be ready by the time Microsoft makes this feature available for retail users in the summer of this year.

Currently tested behind the closed doors

Porting a Google Chrome extension to Microsoft Edge shouldn’t take too long though according to Microsoft, as the company was aiming to make Chrome add-on work on the Windows 10 browser with little or no modifications at all.

“Everyone has a different comfort level when it comes to digital privacy and data tracking. Ghostery puts the power in your hands to choose what to block, on a tracker-by-tracker or site-by-site basis, or a combination of the two. You can easily change, update, or pause your blocked trackers at any time,” the Ghostery extension developer says.

The extension is currently in beta testing, so only a few users can give it a try, and depending on how fast development advances, it could make it to the store sooner or later. But it goes without saying that devs want to bring extensions in the store before the summer release date, so expect many more to be released in the coming weeks.

Microsoft Edge extensions are projected to launch with the Anniversary Update in the summer, but they are already available for members of the Insider program who can install it on preview builds of Windows 10. The Anniversary Update should land in July, according to people close to the matter, with many other features for Edge browser, including swipe gesture navigation support.

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