Apple unveiled iOS 10 with much fanfare at WWDC 2016, and the company presented several new major features that will be added on compatible devices when the operating system goes live in the fall of this year.

Naturally, the Android community watched Apple’s event too, and unsurprisingly, many poked fun at the iPhone maker for introducing features that are already available on their devices.

Xiaomi’s fans, for instance, laughed at Apple’s efforts to overhaul iOS, claiming that 5 of the features that the company readies for the new version are already integrated into the MIUI ROM.

iOS 10 features available in Xiaomi MIUI

First and foremost, iOS 10 finally brings widgets on the lock screen, letting you swipe right to quickly access info such as news, calendar appointments, and the weather forecast. Xiaomi fans barely consider this feature new and show that it’s already available on their devices.

And this is also the case of voicemail scams, as iOS 10 will be able to detect whenever a scam message is sent to an iPhone. “Well, don’t we already have this feature already since MIUI ROM,” one user writes on the Xiaomi forums (Google cache version, as the link appears to be dead now).

Then, it’s the face recognition system implemented in the photo gallery, which automatically groups pictures by people showing up in them. Xiaomi does come with such a feature too, and owners claim that Apple is only bringing it in a 2016 update despite the fact that the Chinese manufacturer introduced it a long time ago in MIUI 7.

The new iOS HomeKit app is also “inspired” from Xiaomi’s Mi Home, which was introduced earlier this year, the Xiaomi community claims, and so is the option to unlock a MacBook with an Apple Watch.

“Since the launch of Mi Band 2 years back, we were already able to lock/unlock our Mi devices , via Bluetooth using the Mi Fit app,” they point out.

Certainly, it’s no surprise that Android fans are making fun of the Apple world and vice versa because the rivalry between the two sides has always included such remarks. But in the end, the competition between the companies that are directly involved in this is much more important because it supports evolution and brings several benefits to customers.

Face recognition system in iOS and MIUI gallery apps

Face recognition system in iOS and MIUI gallery apps

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