In possibly what is the most easily-predictable rumor, early this morning, Wall Street Journal reports that Dish Network and T-Mobile are in discussion about a possible merger. Its sources claim that if the deal goes through, both Charlie Ergen and John Legere would remain. The former will be chairman while Legere would be CEO.

Although both sides are seemingly in “close agreement” about what the combined company would like like, the finer details about finances are unresolved. WSJ claims that talks are in “the formative stage” and that there’s every chance a deal might not happen. If completed, the deal would be large. Both companies have market caps over $30 billion (T-Mo’s is $31B while Dish’s is $33B).

For months – maybe even years – now analysts and journalists have seen Dish and T-Mobile as perfect partners. Barely a month goes by when we don’t read someone’s thoughts about it. In fact, Investor’s Business Daily briefly hints at speculation in a post published recently. After last year’s spectrum auction, the merger made even more strategic sense than previously. Dish was reportedly one of the largest bidders for the AWS-3 spectrum in the November auction. With its 13.8 million satellite TV customers and 600k internet subscribers, Dish is a big enough company and offers T-Mobile the chance to consolidate and perhaps branch out in to new arenas.

As of right now, this is just a rumor. Albeit one published by a very respectable and rarely-wrong publication. There’s certainly a lot for the companies to iron out if a deal is going to happen. But it should be interesting to watch it all play out.

Source: WSJ

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  • FILA

    Can you imagine John showing off a new deal, with the T-Mobile unlimited plans you will also get the basic package of Sling TV for free! T would gain so many more customers

    • Hector Arteaga

      I believe it would make more sense to make it an added option like Rhapsody.

  • frankinnoho

    Imagine this…

    The UPS guy comes up to your door and brings you your new Dish
    set top box. It’s part Tivo, part Roku, part Sling Box, and it’s enclosure is a
    fractal HDTV antenna. You get out the quick set up guide.

    STEP 1. Plug power cord into wall outlet.

    STEP 2. Connect the HDMI cable to your TV.

    STEP 3. Press power button on front of set top box.

    Nothing unusual so far. Finally…

    STEP 4. Tap your T-Mobile cell phone to the NFC area on top
    of set top box.

    Viola! Welcome to the world of Cord Cutting Delux!!!

  • gmo8492

    Side note: It’s John Leger’s birthday today, and his birthday cake is just hilarious.

  • Irfan

    what ? Dish Network cheap network broast 1/4 or higher ratio all of its channels which mean HD but way worse quality then others broadcaster in the world . i was shocked when i saw HD in real HD in UK and here Dish network.
    and really don’t understand why dish bough spectrum …
    what is wrong with T-Mobile working find moving better strong to stronger why they need more .
    we need 5th broadcaster in American instead of these marges

    • Jessica

      Jealousy I see. lol Anyways, John Legere will be incharge of both Dish Network/T-Mobile once the transaction gets finalized by the FCC/DOJ people. No need to stress out too too much about it, due to Charlie going to be stepping right on down as becoming Chairman, while John Legere of T-Mobile will then become the brand new CEO of both Dish/T-Mobile. They both agreed that Charlie will allow John Legere to become CEO of the combined combination. So therefore everything will be just fine with the whole merge combination. Think of it this way, Un-Contract or Un-DishCable.

      • DISH SUCKS

        Charles Ergen is not stepping down. He will remain chairman of both DISH and T-mobile, get your facts straight. JL will be CEO of both companies, right. Mr. Ergen will still have the final word. There is something to worry about.

        • Jessica

          No you are wrong again buddy. Charlie has no say so at all due to John Legere becoming the CEO of both companies buddy. No how about you get your facts straight on what you know as true facts. Once John Legere became CEO of T-Mobile everything changed for the better. So overall I am right and you my friend are totally wrong. Nope so sorry to have busted your bubble on this one here, but Dish will not be chairman of both companies, due to him agreeing that John Legere will be the one to be taking over as CEO running the whole show on both T-MOBILE/Dish. Please go sit down my friend and stop making me so uncomfortable.

        • Jessica

          becomes* not became. whoops typo. lol

        • DISH SUCKS

          Do you know the difference between CEO and Chairman? Charles Ergen started DISH, it’s his company. Ergen calls the shots. Ergen has agreed to allow John Legere become CEO of both T-MOBILE and DISH which is correct missy. John Legere will not own both companies, he will simply run operations. Ergen will own both companies and John Legere will report to Ergen at the end of all this nonsense. Show me the facts moron!

        • Jessica

          How is he not stepping down, when he agreed with John Legere that he will step down as becoming Chairman?? How do you even make sense ever dude? Learn to understand things a little bit more clearer verses having to over assume things. Wow. Again you are wrong. Reread the article once more buddy.

  • k

    I just want coverage and maintain my unlimited data. If DISH helps on both accounts, which theoretically should, then Im down. My only wish was that DISH had NFL like DirectTV. I have DirecTV because of NFL and Rugby. That’s it. Im not fond of the idea of the DeathStar owning DirecTV, but its up to the NFL. COME ON ROGER GODDELL! YOU AND JOHN LEGER AND CHARLIE COULD TAKE OVER THE UNITED STATES!!!

  • Oh ho

    “like like”? can’t you proofread?

  • Pink & Kangaroo?

    This is by far the worst news I’ve heard since the NSA and Wikileaks controversy.

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