The traditional QWERTY keyboard has been with us for years, on computers, smartphones and basically any text-input device that people use. Now, a recently released app intends to replace the traditional keyboard with one that supposedly reduces typing errors and speeds up text input. It’s called Wrio and has debuted on both Android and iOS.

Wrio app comes with a completely redesigned keyboard compared to the traditional QWERTY one. Keys are shaped into hexagons, making them a bit larger, and thus reducing the rate of typos. The size of the spacebar has also been reduced and split into two space keys in the center of the keyboard.

It doesn’t come with a backspace key, and users would have to swipe from right to left across the keyboard in order to delete words or phrases. Google has also implemented the swipe and delete feature on the latest version of Google Keyboard 5.1.

Wrio supports multiple gestures and languages

Wrio comes with lots of other gestures, like the option to swipe right and hold in order to restore deleted text. The developer hasn’t included shift keys on the keyboard, and users would thus have to swipe up on an individual letter to type its capital version.

The secondary keyboard includes numbers, symbols, and even the globe keyboard toggle key that’s found on iOS keyboards. Still, some punctuation symbols have remained on the main keyboard, and Wrio comes with lots of emojis grouped into multiple categories, like animals, flags, places, symbols and so on.

Wrio supports up to 30 languages, with the option to specify a primary and a secondary one. It also boasts multiple themes, and the application doesn’t store data in the cloud, only on the device.

The developer tested the app with the help of 800 users and found that typing speed was increased between 20 and 70% compared to the standard QWERTY keyboard. While that may be true, users would still have to be patient and get accustomed to the new type of keyboard. Wrio app is available on Android and iOS for $2.99 at a discount while the price will eventually be set at $5.

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