Automattic, the driving force behind the WordPress platform, is preparing a new redesign for the site, and more specifically for its Plugin Directory, the site section where you can search and review all the platform’s plugins.

Mark Uraine, designer at Automattic, posted prototypes for the upcoming redesign online this past week. As Mark explains, the new look is inspired by the “Get WordPress” project, a simplistic page offering information about WordPress in general.

“When we created the design for the ‘Get WordPress’ page, it was meant to set a new design standard for sites,” Uraine wrote. “As a result, here are here are some new designs for the home page and search results page of the Plugin Directory.”

The new redesign is and is not like the current Plugin Directory. Visually it’s different, with a more minimal style, with even less plugin information displayed on the index page. Nonetheless, it’s still the same, requiring a lot of scrolling to see the page’s entire content, and still lacking crucial information which most people look for when visiting that page.

The WordPress Plugin Directory had previously received an update in the spring of 2015. That redesign wasn’t received that well either, adding a boxy layout instead of the classic vertical list, and removing a lot of information from the Plugin Directory index.

Most people that provided feedback on the current prototype also shared our opinion that more details are needed on the Plugin Directory index, even suggesting a Simple/Advanced view. This suggestion was immediately shot down by the Automattic design team, who still fail to understand how most people use their site and/or CMS.

New WordPress Plugin Directory prototype

New WordPress Plugin Directory prototype

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