Snapchat wasn’t, isn’t, and the chances are that it’ll never be released for Windows Phone devices and yet, users in this community still hope to see this happening at some point in the future.

This never-dying hope is the main reason behind a new petition launched on that calls for Snapchat to release an official app on Windows Phone and provide users on the platform with an easy way to access the messaging service. As WinBeta notes, this is the second petition launched in this regard, and the first one has already reached more than 67,000 signatures.

Of course, all these efforts have produced zero results until now and Snapchat still has absolutely no intention to release an official client on Windows phones.

“Snapchat CEO hates Microsoft”

And while all these users are dreaming about getting Snapchat on their Windows phones, there’s one strong reason why the company has no intention to release it: the CEO hates Microsoft, according to renowned Windows Phone developer Rudy Huyn.

Rudy, who created a Snapchat client for Windows Phone that eventually got pulled from the store, said earlier this year that Snapchat not only that doesn’t want to launch its own app on the platform, but it also tries to make sure that third-party clients don’t reach the store either.

“They don’t care. They hate Microsoft and will do everything to kill you,” he said. “Whatever the API you use, Snapchat’s lawyer will send you a mail, don’t lose your time. Remember one thing: there is a lot of Snapchat third-party apps on Android/iOS, but they send lawyers to WP only. Sideloading is not an option.”

At this point, there’s at least one client that works on Windows Phone, but using it is extremely risky because it could always get your account banned. Snapchat doesn’t seem to be willing to allow third-party apps to run on Windows Phone, so you kind of agree to take the risk when turning to such apps.

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