The Anniversary Update rollout has already started, and now there are reports from users that a number of universal apps crash in a second after launching them on computers running Windows 10 version 1607.

Users on reddit are complaining that pretty much all apps (although some say it’s only happening to Netflix) are crashing immediately after launching, and this odd behavior appeared just after installing the Anniversary Update that Microsoft released only a few hours ago.

The Windows Store team has already responded to these bug reports and has said that more information is needed in order to diagnose the source of the problem, but for the moment, it’s not clear how widespread this issue actually is.

“Thanks for taking the time to report this issue regarding your app launches in Windows 10. One way you can help us is by sending in diagnostic information and other feedback to our Windows Store engineering team, so we better understand some of the issues users are encountering in the field,” the team explains.

One possible workaround

For the moment, the only possible workaround that could address this issue is a completely clear and reset of the Windows Store cache, which can be done in just a few minutes with a single command.

To try this, simply launch a command prompt window with administrator privileges (right-click the Windows 10 Start menu icon and hit the option that says “Command Prompt (Admin)” – you obviously need to be logged in with administrator privileges) and type the following command:


Give it a few minutes to complete and wait. A system reboot when the process comes to an end is also recommended, but not mandatory. If this doesn’t make any difference for now, it’s better to wait until Microsoft looks into these reports and comes up with a fix. The Windows team is hard at work investigating reports of bugs in the Anniversary Update, so it shouldn’t take too long until a patch is released.

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