Microsoft claims that Windows 10 is the most secure Windows version to date and points to features such as Windows Hello to prove its point – Windows Hello enables biometric authentication on Windows 10 devices with the help of special hardware, such as fingerprint readers and infrared cameras.

And a recent survey conducted by research firm Adaptiva and involving IT pros shows that these improvements are paying off, as people are already putting their trust in the operating system.

Asked whether they believe that a move to Windows 10 would make the company more secure, no less than 82 percent of the 131 total respondents claimed it would while only 18 percent offered a negative answer.

Furthermore, 70 percent of the IT pros said they are concerned about potential security vulnerabilities in their Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) environment, but only 41 percent of them say they turned to this solution to respond to a security breach.

Security improvements in the Anniversary Update

The upcoming Anniversary Update due in July will bring several other security improvements on Windows 10 devices, including new features for Windows Defender to protect computers against malware.

For example, starting with the upcoming update, Windows Defender will no longer be completely disabled when installing third-party antivirus protection, but will continue running in the background to perform periodic scans should users want it.

This helps ensure that no malware reaches your data, as you get a double shield provided by both your third-party antivirus product and the pre-installed Windows Defender. In the current Windows version, but also in the previous releases, Windows Defender was automatically disabled when third-party security software was installed, but enabled back once again when no antivirus protection was available.

Certainly, security improvements will continue to land in Windows 10 with the upcoming updates, and this can only help the operating system expand in the business environment.

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