Microsoft’s latest figures indicated that Windows 10 was installed on 300 million devices, including here PCs and smartphones, and it looks like adoption is one rise these days.

Data provided by market research firm StatCounter shows that Windows 10 has managed to set a new personal record this week, when it has finally surpassed the 20 percent market share, although it continues to be far behind Windows 7.

But what’s more important is that Windows 7 is losing ground too, which gives hope to Microsoft that in 2020, when it pulls the plug on this OS version, it won’t live another Windows XP moment and struggle to convince users to upgrade to a newer platform.

The chart you see here shows Windows 10’s performance in week 19 to week 20, when the new OS managed to increase to 19.72 percent while Windows 7 dropped to 43.56 percent. OS X and Windows 8.1 are far behind with 9.77 and 9.63 percent, respectively. This week, Windows 10 has finally reached 20 percent for the very first time.

The 1 billion devices goal

Microsoft has a goal of bringing Windows 10 on a total of 1 billion devices by 2017, and the company is aiming to upgrade as many PCs as possible in the remaining months of its free upgrade offer.

Windows 10 is offered completely free of charge to devices running Windows 7 and 8.1, but the campaign ends on July 29, so customers have just a couple of months to take advantage of this.

It goes without saying that everyone should at least reserve their free Windows 10 license because, once you install the new OS, you can always downgrade to your previous version, but at the same time have the option to return to Windows 10 in the future without paying a single cent.

This is possible because the Windows 10 license is tied to your PC, and whenever you decide to install the OS, no product key is required, with activation taking place all automatically.

So if you use the remaining time to upgrade to Windows 10, and then you revert to your current OS version, you can not only continue using your PC normally but also reserve a free Windows 10 license for a later time, when you might want to upgrade.

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