Microsoft says that Windows 10 is currently running on more than 350 million devices in the world, and this makes it the most successful Windows ever, and now market share data confirms that adoption of the new operating system is advancing quite fast.

StatCounter data for the month of June shows that Windows 10 continues to be the second most-used desktop operating system in the world, but its growth has accelerated last month.

Windows 7 keeps leading the charts, but the only problem is that it’s quickly losing ground, especially because more users are moving to Windows 10 these days. Windows 7 now has a market share of 42 percent, while Windows 10, the runner-up, has 21.9 percent.

Windows XP still holding steady

This means that Windows 10 now has more than half the market share of Windows 7, despite the fact that the operating system launched in 2009 was running on more than 60 percent of PCs in the world back in July 2015 when Windows 10 was officially released.

Mac OS X (now called macOS) is third with 9.92 percent, while Windows 8.1 is also losing ground because of the free Windows 10 upgrade promo and is now at 8.68 percent. Windows XP continues to decline at an incredibly slow pace and is running on 6.5 percent of the PCs around the globe, while Windows 8 is far behind with 3.52 percent.

All these figures show that the world is moving to new operating systems much faster than before and the closer we get to July 29 when Microsoft ends the free upgrade offer, the more users decide to at least give Windows 10 a try. All users missing the offer and sticking with any other Windows version by July 29 will have to pay the full price for a Windows 10 license, which in the United States is $119.99 for the Home edition.

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