The upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update will include a wide array of improvements, including one that’s specifically aimed at developers looking into optimizing the background activity of their apps.

It’s a well-known fact that some users don’t necessarily want to close apps, but to keep them running in the background, but for the latter scenario to be possible, every program needs to be optimized in order to have just a small impact on system performance.

With the focus on Windows 10 universal apps growing quickly, Microsoft is empowering developers with new solutions to optimize their apps and make them more PC resource friendly. Windows 10 makes it possible for developers to have their apps run in the background as either a separate process or directly inside the foreground application.

Running in background as a single process

The single process model, however, comes with the Anniversary Update, and Microsoft says that it’s the option to go to for developers into making their apps run smoothly in the background.

The company explains this improvement in detail in a lengthy and geeky blog post and says that even more tweaks would be added in the coming months for Windows 10 developers.

“Background activity isn’t needed for every app; the application lifecycle is often all you need to provide a rich experience for users. For those applications that do require background activity a single process app requires significantly less code to implement, and no more communication between multiple processes,” the company adds.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is due in July, but users and developers alike can already preview this release thanks to insider builds that come with the majority of improvements expected to be part of the final version.

Universal apps themselves will also receive a long list of tweaks, and this new Windows 10 update brings a little something for pretty much everyone, no matter if they are consumers, developers, or businesses.

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