New statistics provided by AdDuplex show that the upgrade trend to Windows 10 Mobile has slowed down the last month, with Windows Phone 8.1 remaining the clear leader in the Windows phone ecosystem with no less than 78.8 percent.

Windows 10 Mobile, on the other hand, is the runner-up with 10.9 percent, while Windows Phone 8.0 comes next with 7.4 percent. Surprisingly, there still are 2.9 percent of devices running Windows Phone 7.

According to AdDuplex, Windows 10 Mobile isn’t expected to grow too much in the coming months, pretty much because the majority of users who wanted to upgrade to the new operating system already did it, so the Windows Phone 8.1 userbase is very likely to remain unchanged.

“Almost everyone who actively wanted to upgrade their older phone already did so. And since it doesn’t look like Microsoft is planning to push the update on mobile the same way it did on the desktop, it’s hard to expect the status quo to change in the coming months,” the stats read.

Top Windows phones across the world

As far as the top Windows 10 Mobile devices worldwide, things are quite simple in this regard. Right now, Lumia 535 is the number one model with 13.4 percent, followed by the super popular Lumia 640 with 11.9 percent. What’s surprising is that the brand-new Lumia 550 that launched with Windows 10 Mobile has already reached the third place with 11.2 percent.

“There are 3 times as many Lumia 550s in the wild as there are 950 XLs,” the statistics show. And this isn’t in any way surprising given the fact that Lumia 950 XL is quite expensive, while the 550 is the most affordable device with Windows 10 Mobile currently wearing a Microsoft badge.

Lumia 950 XL also shows up in the chart for the very first time, but it’s far behind with 3.6 percent, while the Lumia 950 is a bit more popular with 6.1 percent.

Lumia 550 is the most popular Windows 10 Mobile device

Lumia 550 is the most popular Windows 10 Mobile device

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