The Anniversary Update is projected to launch next month for Windows 10 PCs and mobile devices, and it will bring plenty of improvements, including updates for the Bluetooth Stack on phones.

MSPU has spotted some changes that Microsoft is working on, including an update to the Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) from 1.3 to 1.4. As you could easily guess by simply reading its name, this update enhances the remote control capabilities of Bluetooth devices, including phones running Windows 10 Mobile that will be updated to the Anniversary Update.

Furthermore, Microsoft is working on another update to version 1.5, which should further enhance these capabilities and make it possible to control the volume of the phone using a Bluetooth-connected device and vice-versa.

And last but not least, theses updates will also offer additional functionality to Bluetooth accessories connected to Windows 10 Mobile devices, making it possible for the phone to act as a controller. This opens the door to new capabilities, as a Windows 10 Mobile phone can become a controller in your living room or in the car, making it possible to simply control playback of your Bluetooth-capable stereo unit without the need for active streaming.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is due next month and will bring a long series of improvements on Windows 10 Mobile, including updates to the pre-installed apps and several new Edge features.

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