Gamers have always been among the first to adopt new technology and software and new data provided by Valve for its Steam platform confirms that Windows 10 is no exception.

The 64-bit version of Windows 10 was already the number one platform on Steam since a few months ago, but the operating system keeps growing at an incredible pace and is very close to reaching the 50 percent threshold by the end of the summer.

Last month, for instance, Windows 10 improved its share by 3.26 percent on Steam, reaching no less than 42.94 percent Windows 7 64-bit, which is currently the runner-up in these charts, lost 1.64 percent to eventually drop to 30.61 percent, so the gap between the two increases with every new month.

Windows 8.1 64-bit is also declining, with June 2016 data showing a drop of 1.01 percent to 10.07 percent. The 32-bit flavor of Windows 7 collapsed by 0.41 percent to 6.36 percent.

Windows 10, the only Windows version growing

Windows 10 was the only version to increase its Steam share last month and both the 32-bit and the 64-bit flavors gained new points last month. On the other hand, all the other versions of Windows lost ground, most likely as everyone moved to Windows 10 thanks to the gaming improvements that Microsoft implemented in this version, including DirectX 12 support.

As far as non-Windows platforms are concerned, there’s still no reason for Microsoft to worry about gaming competition on the PC.

Mac OS X has 3.60 percent of the Steam market and version 10.11.5 is the only one that improved its share last month, growing 1.13 percent. As for Linux, there’s a new small decline, this time by 0.04 percent, and Ubuntu 16.04 is the only one that improved by 0.01 percent.

Windows continues to lead the market for gaming and this new Steam figures show an increase 0.08 percent, so Microsoft’s desktop OS is now at 95.50 percent.

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