Windows 10 build 14361 is certainly an important step towards the final version of the Anniversary Update due in the summer, so it’s no surprise that it comes with so many improvements and bug fixes.

But when looking at the full changelog, it’s very clear that Microsoft is more focused on addressing issues these days, especially because we’re getting closer to the moment when the final version will be compiled.

Specifically, Windows 10 build 14361 finally addresses a bug a that made it impossible to use the keyboard in some store apps such as Netflix and Tweetium. Previously, the mouse was the only way to navigate, so you can imagine how frustrating it was, especially in a Twitter client.

French users, watch out!

Microsoft Edge download notifications have been improved too and now display filename, download status, and site domain on separate lines.

The Start menu has been refined as well in this build – note that the Anniversary Update will come with a redesigned Start menu that’s focused on apps and introduces a revised design with a hamburger menu hiding power controls and user account options.

“We polished the appearance of Start by reducing the amount of whitespace at the top of Start, and adding logic so that the scrollbars will immediately hide once your mouse is no longer hovering over that area. We also fixed an issue resulting in clipping on the bottom or side of Start’s context menus,” Microsoft explains.

In terms of known bugs, it’s very important to note that this build is not shipped to French users participating in the Windows Insider program because of a translation bug. Microsoft promises to fix this in the next build, but in the meantime, switching to English might be the only resolution.

Additionally, there’s a known issue that causes the Settings app to crash when navigating to the Privacy pages. This makes it impossible to change privacy settings and yes, we know what you’re going to say, but Microsoft says that this is just a bug that will likely be squashed very soon and it has nothing to do with data collection or things like that.

There may be more bugs hiding under the hood of this build, but in the meantime, check out the full list in the box below and keep in mind that it’s kind of expected to come across issues in preview software.

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