Windows 10 is already proving successful, as it’s running on more than 300 million devices, according to figures provided by Microsoft itself, and statistics coming from various vendors seem to confirm that adoption is indeed improving fast.

While globally Windows 10 is the second desktop operating system with a market share of approximately 20 percent and Windows 7 is the leader with more than 45 percent, there are countries where the new operating system has already surpassed its predecessors and has taken over the leading spot.

Case in point, Scandinavian markets, as the adoption of new software here has always improved faster than in most of the countries.

Market share in Scandinavian countries

Denmark is one of the regions where Windows 10 is already the leading desktop operating system, and data offered by StatCounter indicates that it’s currently number one with 35.17 percent. Windows 7 is now the runner-up with 28.33 percent while OS X is third with 19.92 percent.

In Sweden, Windows 10 is very close to overtaking Windows 7, and if the same growing rate is maintained, the switch of places should take place as soon as this month. Windows 7 is the leader here with 33.5 percent while Windows 10 is very close with 30.02 percent.

A similar chart can be found for Norway too, where Windows 7 continues to hold the top spot, but with Windows 10 getting closer and closer. Windows 7 has 36.12 percent in the country while Windows 10 is now at 30.32 percent and has all the chances to overtake its predecessor should everything go smoothly in June.

All these statistics show that Windows 10 adoption is going very well, and Microsoft has all the reasons to be pleased with its new operating system. Certainly, the aggressive push that the company has created for Windows 10 is partly responsible for this boom in the majority of markets, so it remains to be seen if the same market share can be maintained in the long term or some users would actually return to their previous OS versions.

Windows 10 is also close to overtaking Windows 7 in Sweden

Windows 10 is also close to overtaking Windows 7 in Sweden

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