A new week, a new update for WhatsApp on Windows Phone, this time bringing fewer improvements as compared to the previous releases, when quite significant new features were introduced.

aggiornamentilumia.it reports that WhatsApp version 2.16.65 is available for download only on Windows Phone 8.1, so if you’re currently on 8.0 or Windows 10 Mobile, you won’t see the update. Instead, those who are on Windows Phone 8.1 (or Windows Phone 7.8, according to the source) at the moment should get the new version in the store.

As far as the changes brought by this update are concerned, it appears that it only comes with small fixes, including patches for a crash that prevented WhatsApp from launching correctly on specific devices. WhatsApp hasn’t provided too many details about these fixes, but as usual, it’s a good thing that they were released so fast.

WhatsApp rolls out new updates for Windows Phone devices quite frequently, and some of the improvements that are part of these releases are previously tested with the beta program, which is only available to a limited number of users. Once the discovered bugs are corrected, new features can be shipped to all users too, so there’s no doubt that more enhancements would land in the coming versions.

In the meantime, Windows Phone customers using WhatsApp should update to the last version or, if possible, move to Windows 10 Mobile, where everyone expects a universal app edition of the client in the coming months.

Thanks for the tip, jack89h!

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