Tabs have been around for a while in browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, but also in many third-party apps out there, but as far as Microsoft is concerned, the company has never been a big supporter of this feature.

Redmond has only recently introduced tabs in its browser by replacing Internet Explorer with Microsoft Edge, but it still doesn’t seem to be too keen to make them available in other parts of the operating system, such as File Explorer.

And yet, users do want tabs in their Windows apps, and a concept published on reddit during the weekend imagines a Windows 10 that has tabs everywhere.

Based on the tab approach that Microsoft has used for Edge browser, this concept shows that tabs have a place in pretty much any Windows 10 app, including not only Notepad (where they actually really make sense, given the fact that they’d allow you to work with multiple documents at the same time in a more effective way) but also in Groove, Command Prompt, and Microsoft Word.

Tab support in File Explorer

For the moment, tab support in File Explorer is probably one of the most requested features in Windows 10, but once again, Microsoft doesn’t seem to be too interested in making such capabilities available in the operating system.

There were hints that the Anniversary Update coming next month could indeed bring tab support in the file manager, but the existing preview builds of the operating system do not feature it just yet, so there are big chances that the company will once again concentrate on something else.

In the meantime, Microsoft seems to be more interested in refining other features of File Explorer, such as the icon, while the new features are only rarely being added. The Anniversary Update is expected to land next month, so there are only small chances to see tab support being developed overnight to become available in this update.

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