If you’re one of the hardcore Windows Phone fans, you probably know that some companies have decided to give up on their apps for the platform and concentrate more on Android and iOS siblings, simply because they look at market share as the decisive factor for their development future.

And when the Amazon app disappears from the store, the first thought in everyone’s mind is that the company decided to pull the Windows Phone app and do the same thing to focus on rival platforms.

But according to German site WindowsUnited, the Amazon app hasn’t disappeared completely, because as weird as that might sound, it’s still available for download, but not when searching for it. At this point, the Amazon app can only be installed with a direct link, which involves you opening the product page in the store directly and not searching for the app in the store.

No info on why the app is no longer available via search

Without a doubt, it’s very hard to speculate on the reasons that made Amazon hide its app in the Windows Phone store, but there are chances that the company is working on a Windows 10 version.

The worst case scenario is obviously the one in which Amazon pulls its app from the Windows Phone store completely, although that would make no sense at all since it could actually leave the current version for users who want to access the shopping service.

Amazon has all the reasons in the world to develop universal apps for Windows 10, as it could thus tackle both PC and smartphone users, but for the moment, it’s not yet clear whether this is indeed the plan or not. The Windows 10 universal app effort is advancing quite nicely and more companies are joining this bandwagon, including Adobe, who is now working on Windows 10 versions of its software.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft and Amazon to see why the app is no longer available via the search feature in the Windows Phone store and will update the article when an answer is offered.

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