Microsoft has rolled out Windows 10 Mobile build 14342 earlier today, and just like it usually happens with these previews, it comes with a number of bugs that you need to keep an eye out for should you decide to install it.

The most critical issue that’s part of this build affects the first-run experience after installing build 14342, with Microsoft saying that, in some cases, it takes quite a lot of time to boot. Gabe Aul, head of the Windows Insider program, adds that this is a known bug and all insiders have to do is simply let the device perform all tasks in the background because eventually, it’ll start normally.

“After your device reboots from installing this update, if it gets stuck as the Windows logo – let it sit and be patient. It might appear frozen but its still working in the background. While you wait, it is recommended you plug your phone in and let it charge as well,” Gabe explains.

Cellular data issues exist too

If you update to build 14342 and plan to use the phone as your daily driver, there’s one important thing that you need to know. In some cases, devices with dual-SIM support come with a bug that prevents cellular data from working correctly with a second SIM. Gabe explains that “several issues relating to cellular data have been reported in the last two builds and we’re investigating.”

Other than that, there’s a known bug causing the Setting app to crash when re-arranging Quick Actions in the Notifications & actions screen. Microsoft says that, at this point, “refraining” from changing quick action settings in this build is the only way because a fix won’t be released until a new build lands.

You can check out the full list of known issues in this build in the box after the jump, and keep in mind that other problems might exist as well, given the fact that it is pre-release software aimed at insiders exclusively.

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