VideoLAN continues work on the universal version of VLC for Windows 10, and according to details provided this morning, a beta version of the app should be released to everyone very soon.

Jean-Baptiste Kempf has revealed in the weekly VideoLAN report that there still are bugs to squash in the universal app, but on Windows 10 Mobile, for instance, the team has managed to fix the background audio support and to rework the thumbnailer.

“We are also in the bugfixing phase, with a lot of commits to make sure the application does not crash too much. Indeed, we’re closing to an open beta release, but the number of crashes was still too high, especially when using the application for a long time,” he explains.

Unfortunately, it’s not yet clear when exactly this beta version will be released, but at least we know it’s coming, and we shouldn’t be too far from the moment when this is going to happen.

The universal app will only work on Windows 10 devices running Redstone builds due to the changes that Microsoft is making in this update. The Windows 10 Anniversary Update/Redstone is due in July.

VLC 3.0 also on its way

VideoLAN also continues work on VLC 3.0, the version that’ll finally bring ChromeCast support, and today’s post reveals that work in this regard advances, while at the same time the development team is focusing on adding support for macOS Sierra, the new version of OX announced by Apple at WWDC last week.

“A new type of module was introduced, named demux filter; they are used to filter or intercept demuxer controls commands and demuxing. The first use case of this type of module is the ChromeCast demux filter, to show the correct playback time when using the ChromeCast, that we merged this week too,” the blog post adds.

The Android and iOS versions of VLC are also getting new updates and improvements, and the latter should be released as build 2.7.8 in the store later this week.

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