Over the past week, an interesting extension was published to the Mozilla Add-ons Portal. Called VivaldiFox, the add-on adds dynamic UI colors to the Firefox interface.

When Vivaldi launched, the browser featured one unique feature that set it apart from all other browsers that existed on the market, a feature still not replicated by its competition.

VivaldiFox adds dynamic UI colors to Firefox

In Vivaldi, when users access a website, the browser will take the dominant color found on that site and will apply it to the top side of the UI and the currently selected tab.

The features needs some time to get used to, but helps Vivaldi stand apart from other browsers. Users that can’t stand it, can turn it off in Vivaldi’s settings panel. With VivaldiFox, users that love this feature can now use it in Firefox as well.

To install it, just head on to its page on the Mozilla portal and hit the Add to Firefox button. You won’t need to restart Firefox, and you’ll start using it immediately.

VivaldiFox comes with customizable settings

If you navigate to Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions page, you’ll be able to access VivaldiFox’s settings by clicking the Options button.

Here, users can select if to gray out inactive windows, like in Vivaldi, or use square or rounded tabs. Additionally, the add-on can also add a white background around each site’s favicon, in order to have enough contrast to see the icon when needed.

VivaldiFox was developed to work with Firefox’s more modern Australis interface, and if you’re using the Classic Theme Restorer extension, then results may vary depending on the number of customizations you’re using.

VivaldiFox is similar to the Mozilla Edge user style released last year that helped Firefox users deploy an Edge-like theme for their browser.

VivaldiFox settings

VivaldiFox settings

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