There’s some speculation in the iWorld that Apple might be launching the next iPhone with a new color, and while some claim it could be a black version, others seem to indicate that the company could go for some shade of blue.

The concept you see here tries to imagine the iPhone 7 in dark blue (the rumored name for this version was “Deep Blue,” but there’s evidence that Apple isn’t interested in anything else than simple variations of the existing colors, so a blue flavor is out of discussion right now), but also with some other changes, including a flush Home button and without a headphone jack.

Certainly, the concept looks interesting and makes the iPhone quite visually appealing, although, for the moment, we can’t tell for sure how many of these rumored changes will actually make the cut.

Flush Home button on this year’s model?

The flush Home button is one of the latest rumors that have reached the web regarding the upcoming iPhone, so it’s believed that Apple could replace the existing hardware button with a touch-sensitive version to prepare the transition to the 2017 iPhone.

Next year, the company could go for a completely new approach and integrate all front-facing parts into the display for a no-bezel design, so the Home button will no longer have a place if the same physical version is being used.

This year’s model could be the first one to come with a flush button, and the word is the next iPhone could come with a vibration and possibly audio feedback to let you know whenever the button is activated. This should ease the transition from the existing design to the new one and pave the way for the 2017 model.

The headphone jack could also go away, and this concept imagines a new speaker grille in its place – although there’s evidence that the next iPhone won’t be stereo, but could come with two speaker grilles.

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