Uber is the world’s most popular taxi service that many people use even on a daily basis. The popularity behind Uber resides in the fact that anyone can become a driver and that the service rather resembles a ride sharing option, rather than the professional feel of regular taxi services. That’s why it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for riders to share intimate things with Uber drivers.

Uber drivers have created a thread on Reddit in order to share the stories that they heard from riders and while some of them are downright hilarious, others can be so scary that they even determined one Uber driver to quit the service.

But lets get to it, one Uber driver stated that he picked up a middle-aged couple which fought all the 30-minute ride and tried to rope him into their argument.

Another driver said he picked up 2 girls and one guy, who were so happy with being friends and kept saying how they should hang out more. The funny thing is that by the time they reached their destination, they already had an argument and hated each other.

Other Uber drivers had some even scary experiences with riders launching threats and hypothetical statements that caused the drivers to even pull out from the service.

The thread on Reddit is quite long and contains all sort of posts and experiences that Uber drivers have encountered during their rides. While some are quite surprising, let’s not forget that these things happen, especially in businesses that require lots of interaction with customers.

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