A market study from one of the world’s biggest publishers of programming-related books, Packt Publishing, shows that JavaScript and Python are today’s most popular programming languages, with Java coming in third.

The company gathered the data via a survey that compiled the answers of over 11,000 respondents accessing various of its services. Data includes details about the programming language developers use, for what they employ the language, favorite frameworks, and general salary information.

The survey showed that, based on what developers are using on a day-to-day basis, today’s top 10 programming languages ranking is made up of JavaScript, Python, Java, PHP, HTML (not a programming language, but still), C#, SQL, CSS (this too), C++, and R.

The favoritism everyone has shown to JavaScript and Python carries on from a similar survey that was taken last year.

Based on salaries, this list is a whole lot different. Developers reported that languages like Bash, Perl, and Scala paid over $80,000 per year while PHP and C barely got developers to the $40,000 mark.

In terms of Web-dev tools, AngularJS reigns supreme, followed by Facebook’s React.js framework, Node.js, Docker, Laravel, Bootstrap, WordPress, and AWS.

In the case of the most popular new programming languages that appeared in the last few years, nobody will be surprised to find Swift on top of the charts, followed by C#, Go, Rust, and Elixir.

For more details and colorful charts, the Packt Publishing Skill Up 2016 study is available for download (registration required).

Programming languages based on salaries

Programming languages based on salaries

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