Respawn Entertainment has already all but confirmed that it is working on a sequel to Titanfall, but no official reveal has been delivered just yet, which means that this is a great time for fans of the first title to speculate about its core gameplay elements and story.

Kristin Christopher, the human resources and recruiting manager at the studio, has injected some objectivity into the discussion by telling Develop that the entire team that’s currently working on the new video game is about 30 percent larger than the one that put together the 2014 original.

About 90 developers are now engaged in the development process for Titanfall 2, and that number might increase when the game gets closer to its launch date.

Hints from Respawn Entertainment suggest that the coming title will feature a single-player campaign, with the main writer working on it saying that he wants to explore themes of colonialism and balance of power that were only addressed in the background of the first title.

It is also widely believed that Titanfall 2 will be launched at the same time on the PC, the Xbox One from Microsoft, and the PlayStation 4 from Sony.

Financial data from Electronic Arts shows that the game is set to arrive on the market before the end of March 2017, although some are saying that it might be one of the titles that the publisher will deliver in the fall of this year.

The events associated with E3 2016 might be a good time to officially show the title in action.

Titanfall 2 might also have an associated TV show

Kristin Christopher also informs us that a small team is at the moment working with Stig Asmussen, the director who created God of War III, to create a third-person perspective video game that is in the early stages of development.

As the game creation process advances, more positions will be open, and the human resources manager estimates that the team will grow to be as big as that which created the first Titanfall.

Respawn Interactive might also be getting ready to explore new opportunities associated with the mobile and the free-to-play markets, although no official announcements will be made anytime soon.

The writer working on Titanfall 2 has also recently said that Lionsgate has shown interest in the universe of the video game and might create a television show that explores its themes, set to launch at the same time as the new title in the series.

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