iOS 10 is expected to make its first public appearance this month at WWDC, and one of the most requested features is the addition of a dark theme, especially given the fact that the platform doesn’t support themes (without jailbreaking, of course).

And while Apple has dropped some hints that a dark theme could be implemented, the company has otherwise remained completely tight-lipped on this change, leaving us dreaming about what a dark theme would look like in iOS 10.

The guys over at iHelpBR went another step forward and created a concept that imagines this visual update to iOS. At first glance, it looks absolutely fabulous, and there’s almost no reason Apple shouldn’t make this a key part of the upcoming iOS update, although some tweaks here and there are still necessary.

Dark theme for improved battery life

A dark theme would certainly come in handy not only in terms of looks but also for battery performance. Rumor has it that Apple is planning to switch to OLED displays for the 2017 iPhone, and a dark theme would clearly help improve battery life – this is also one of the reasons the Apple Watch comes with a dark theme, as it ships with an OLED display, and black can help boost autonomy.

iPhone’s new OLED screen is expected to cover the entire front fascia and incorporate all front-facing parts, such as the Touch ID sensor and the FaceTime camera. This could be a sign that additional battery power could be needed, so every little tweak, including a dark theme, could come in handy.

Certainly, there’s more to expect about iOS 10, and this concept only shows that Apple can indeed significantly improve the operating system in a very effective manner. It also envisions a side-by-side multitasking system borrowed from the iPad, but this would only make sense on bigger screens, so it remains to be seen if iPhone users like it should it go public.

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