As we’ve told you earlier today, Apple is believed to be planning a new gray shade for the iPhone 7, and according to information available right now, there are big chances that it could bring the new model closer to black than to the standard gray already part of the range.

And according to our information, the Dark Gray version (although there are big chances that Apple could choose a different name for the new color) could look very close to the one pictured here – these are renderings based on the iPhone 6s Plus, so notice that the position of the antenna lines hasn’t changed.

On the iPhone 7 Plus (or the 2016 iPhone, as some sources have told us that it’s very unlikely for Apple to call the next model “iPhone 7”), Apple is also expected to change the color of these antenna lines. At this point, they are painted in gray no matter the version and color of the iPhone, but on the upcoming model, Apple could actually paint the antennas too in order to offer a more consistent look.

Four color options for the next iPhone

The Dark Gray version of the iPhone will be offered alongside the standard Space Gray, Gold, and Rose Gold models, so customers would have to choose from four different colors.

Previously, it was believed that Apple wanted to offer a Deep Blue version as well, but it appears that this isn’t the case, as the company is willing to come up with the same color range on all its devices. Without a Deep Blue variant on the Apple Watch, for instance, it’s hard to believe that such a color option could be provided on the next iPhone.

Sources have told us that the Dark Gray version of the iPhone would be similar to its sibling on the Apple Watch, but for the moment, everything is still in the rumor stage.

The next iPhone is expected to debut in September, so more information on the color options will certainly surface in the coming months.

The new iPhone will come with antenna lines at the top and the bottom

The new iPhone will come with antenna lines at the top and the bottom

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