The first developer preview of iOS 10 is already available for download, and it comes with evidence that Apple might be working on a dark theme that would debut on iPhones and iPads at some point in the future.

And now developer Andy Wiik has discovered the dark theme built into iOS 10 when looking at the changes the Apple introduced with this release using the simulator app.

Basically, the code for the dark theme, although unfinished, is already there in this early version of the operating system, but for the moment, it’s not very clear if Apple plans to release it in the coming beta builds or not. Without a doubt, the company has at least considered creating a dark theme for iOS 10, and although there’s no indication of when it could become available to users, an early version is still there.

Dark theme held back for 2017 iPhone?

There are rumors that Apple could keep the dark theme as an exclusive feature of the stable release due in September with the iPhone 7, but on the other hand, we’re pretty sure that the company first wants to test it with help as part of its beta program and significantly refine it before that happens.

As a result, some people have even suggested that Apple could hold the dark theme back and not release it with iOS 10 in the fall, but continue working on it until the 2017 iPhone.

This makes sense at some level, mostly because next year’s iPhone is projected to make the switch from LCD to OLED, and a dark theme would be more appropriate for this new display technology. A dark theme can help reduce battery usage on OLED displays, and this is actually a reason the Apple Watch comes with a dark visual style for watchOS since the very beginning.

Certainly, there’s lot of scarce information in this case, so for the moment, what we know is that a dark theme will arrive on the iPhone. What we don’t know is when exactly this thing is going to happen.

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