If you’ve been keeping an eye on everything Microsoft in the last 10 months or so, you probably know that there’s a huge controversy online regarding the way the company pushes Windows 10 on our PCs.

There were claims that the new OS was installed on some users’ PCs without them even asking for it, while more recently, it has been discovered that some computers were scheduled to upgrade to Windows 10 even though users didn’t give their consent.

And with Microsoft becoming so aggressive with the Windows 10 push, it was just a matter of time until comics like this made the rounds. The drawing you see here is going viral this weekend and is based on the original belonging to /u/shenanigansen on reddit and posted in 2014.

But we have to admit that adding the Windows 10 and Microsoft logos seems to make even more sense that the original, and whoever did this had a really brilliant idea.

In the meantime, Microsoft continues to claim that users are still prompted to decide whether they want to install Windows 10 or not, and they’re always in full control of the upgrade. The free promo will end on July 29, and that’ll be the date when this whole debate should come to an end too.

P.S.: it’s better not to try to translate the message in Windings. That’s a completely different story there and contains some bad language.

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