The PS4 Pro hardware itself hasn’t gotten much airtimeTechnology

The PS4 Pro hardware itself hasn’t gotten much airtime

Though it retains the stylish rhombus shape of the original PS4, the Pro has an added layer in the middle that gives it a slight height increase and makes it look like a matte black PlayStation sandwich.

It’s heavier than the PS4 as well, though it’s surprisingly not that much bigger, with an overall footprint a bit smaller than the original Xbox One. It should fit in the same entertainment center spot as a standard PS4, albeit a bit more snugly.

Otherwise, its changes are fine if unexciting. You get one extra USB port (handy for PSVR owners) and Sony attended to the irritating “which one’s power and which one’s eject” issue that plagues the original PS4 by switching out the impossible-to-read white-on-chrome power and eject icons for white on black. It’s still a little confusing — the eject button is inexplicably off to the right of the disc tray, which sits right above the power button — but it’ll do.

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