Readit is considered pretty much the best Reddit client on Windows phones, and every new update seems to make it even better thanks to new features and performance improvements.

Version has been officially released today, and it brings a huge pack of goodies for Windows phones (and you can check the full changelog in the box after the jump, but keep reading for the highlights).

First and foremost, Readit can now save an entire album to your phone when opening it in the app – the app automatically creates a new album in your media storage location with either a generic name or one that you provide. Then, it comes with changes to the mobilizer of articles feature when “Mobilize websites” option is enabled.

According to the development team, this new update correctly renders more websites, but in case it fails, you get to see the original page. Some spacing adjustments still need to be done, though, with future updates to include more improvements in this regard.

New post notifications

There’s a completely new feature that allows you to stay up to date with new posts on a specific subreddit. Thanks to version, Readit users can now be notified when new posts are made in a specific sub, and this is a feature that’s useful not only for all users but also for admins who want to keep things in control in their communities.

The app displays a maximum of 5 notifications, and the developer says that these aren’t silent, and you need to open the subreddit should more than 5 posts be published. Readit automatically checks every 15 minutes for new posts, but don’t be afraid of battery drain or data usage because the app has been specifically optimized in this regard. Users need to be subscribed to subs in order to get notifications of new posts.

Other than that, Readit comes with a plethora of performance improvements and fixes for small bugs, so if you’re on Windows phone and using Reddit, be sure to give this new version a try because it’s really worth it.

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