If you’re an Apple enthusiast who reads everything iPhone, then you’ve probably heard the rumors saying that the next generation might come with a Smart Connector borrowed by the iPad Pro.

While on the iPad Pro it kind of makes sense since it allows customers to connect external keyboards and thus give a productivity boost to the device, the iPhone implementation is rather awkward, especially because using a keyboard with such a small screen is painful, to say the least.

There were reports claiming that the Smart Connector on the iPhone would open the door to a whole new world of accessories, such as external batteries and stuff like that, but fortunately, there’s a new claim from a source with a good track on iPhone leaks, which claims such a thing is not accurate.

In other words, no, the Smart Connector isn’t coming to the iPhone 7, so all the leaks that have reached the web recently are nothing more than fakes. Sources have also told us that the only leaks that are somewhat close to Apple’s iPhone 7’s designs are those showing a look very similar to the iPhone 6s, which does not include a Smart Connector.

Only big change is the removal of the audio jack

Macotakara also claims (via 9to5mac) that the only notable change on the iPhone 7 will be the removal of the traditional audio jack, which will be replaced with an all-purpose Lightning connector. Headphones will thus require an adaptor or a Lightning cable to work with the iPhone 7, but there are voices claiming that a Bluetooth version could also be included in the box.

As far as the design of the iPhone 7 is concerned, there’s little to be excited about because the device will have almost the same look and dimensions as the iPhone 6s. The only things that are changing are the antenna lines, which are moved from the back to the top and bottom edges, and the camera position, which can now be found closer to the side of the device.

The iPhone 7 is projected to launch in September, and there’s no doubt that, by the time the devices sees daylight, more conflicting reports and leaks will occur.

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