Something is happening with TeamViewers servers at the moment, and all clues point to a massive breach that has led to many users going on Reddit and complaining about having their computers hacked, some even reporting seeing new purchases in their PayPal accounts.

The problems started around noon today when users weren’t able to connect to the TeamViewer network. A few hours later, the company’s website also went down, but the team managed to bring it back online a few hours later.

TeamViewer says it’s only having technical issues, no security breach

On Twitter, the TeamViewer team wrote that they’re only experiencing issues in some parts of their network, but they denied any security breach, at least on their side.

Some users have reported finding new transactions in their PayPal and bank accounts, while others discovered someone had been poking around their email account.

Some lucky users said they barely avoided getting hacked at the last minute, noticing their mouse starting to move across the screen, and hurrying to disconnect their Internet connection.

Crooks have used TeamViewer for malicious purposes before

In the past months, we’ve seen malware use TeamViewer many times to infect computers, but most of those cases were because of users who used weak passwords, which is certainly not TeamViewer’s fault.

Some of these cases include the Surprise ransomware, a new type of tech support scam, and most recently the BackDoor.TeamViewer.49 trojan that loads TeamViewer in order to set up a Web proxy on infected computers.

It is strange that this time around, just when TeamViewer servers go down, multiple users also flock to social media to complain about getting hacked. This is either one huge strange cosmic coincidence or TeamViewer is really at fault and won’t be able to pin the blame on its users.

Softpedia has been in contact with TeamViewer during the previous events, and the company has told us they’ll provide a statement once they manage to get their entire network back online.

We’ve attached screenshots of some of the user complaints as reference, just in case they get deleted.

Users complaining on Reddit in the past hours about getting hacked

Users complaining on Reddit in the past hours about getting hacked

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