It seems that manufacturers are constantly looking for new ideas to change the way we do things, while having functionality and practicality in mind. A new wearable device was recently launched, one that supposedly allows users to type on any surface and the text would appear on their mobile phones or tablets.

It sounds like a good idea, but the design is far from appealing. It’s basically a piece of foam that incorporates Bluetooth connectivity and sends typed words to a phone or tablet. The good thing is that it’s quite sleek and versatile, as it allows one-hand typing on any flat surface.

Still, the first though that comes to mind is how can the device distinguish between vowels, consonants and numbers? Well, it seems that it comes with 31 possible finger taps and manufacturers say that they have reached 99-percent accuracy, but word prediction and auto-complete also comes to aid. Considering that it’s a new way of typing, it still takes quite some time to learn and get used to it.

Tap Strap could aid users who are visually impaired to communicate faster and more conveniently with other users. It also doesn’t require a flat surface for typing, as the pressure exerted by fingers is the key element in this regard.

It connects through Bluetooth to any device that supports it

Tap Strap also comes with special gestures for inserting punctuation marks and characters in the text. Seeing how it connects via Bluetooth, it could easily be used with VR headsets. Inputting text with a VR headset is quite tiresome, since it requires users to look at each individual character on the screen. With Tap Strap, words could be typed by applying finger pressures on any surface.

According to David Schick, the creator of Tap, the device is “more discreet and accurate then [sic] voice input, and is faster and more precise than gesture-based systems.” The technology could be used for music, gaming and control, and the company partnered with creative developers to select OEMs and further improve its functionality.

The Trap Strap is currently in beta testing and will be available for purchase in late 2016.

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