SystemRescueCd developer François Dupoux announced the release and immediate availability for download of SystemRescueCd 4.7.3, the third maintenance version in the 4.7 series of the distribution.

SystemRescueCd is a small, live OS that based on the Linux kernel and built around various popular and open-source system rescue and administration utilities, such as the GParted partition editor, btrfs-progs and xfsprogs for maintening Btrfs and XFS filesystems, or TestDisk for recovering lost files from damaged partitions.

The latest release, SystemRescueCd 4.7.3 comes two months after the release of the previous maintenance build, updating the standard kernel packages from version 3.18.29 to 3.18.34 for both rescue32 and rescue64 editions, as well as the alternative kernels from version 4.1.20 to 4.1.25. Both kernels are long-term supported releases.

Moreover, the developer managed to update the GParted partition editor to its latest release, version 0.26.0, which adds read-only support for LUKS encrypted filesystems, and implements progress bars to copy methods for the EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, XFS, and NTFS filesystems. More details should be available in the distro’s changelog.

Last but not least, SystemRescueCd 4.7.3 comes with various other updated components, among which we can mention Parted 0.2.88, btrfs-progs 4.5.3, and lvm2 2.02.116. You can download the SystemRescueCd 4.7.3 Live ISO right now from our website, where you’ll find a 32-bit images that can you can write on a CD disc or USB flash drive and boot on either 64-bit (x86_64) and 32-bit (x86) computers.

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