Remember the first days after Microsoft rolled out Windows 8 and everyone criticized the company because there was no Start menu? The software giant learned the hard way that people actually loved the Start menu and a recently-conducted poll shows that the same statement is valid for Windows 10 too.

To find out what is the top feature of Windows 10 for users who’ve already installed the new operating system, I’ve asked members of the Microsoft community on Google+ to choose from the Start menu, Cortana, Microsoft Edge, the Action Center, and others.

And the results pretty much speak for themselves. The Start menu was picked as the favorite feature by no less than 55 percent of the 720 people who voted in the poll at the time of writing this article, while Cortana was the runner-up with 16 percent. Edge gained the third place with 13 percent, followed by the Action Center with 10 percent. The other category got only 5 percent of the votes.

The Start menu is here to stay

Clearly, these numbers might not be entirely accurate when covering the whole Windows 10 community, but the difference between the first and the second place is big enough to show that no matter the poll, the Start menu would always take the first place.

It appears that users still find the Start menu an essential part of the operating system and the Windows 8 experiment where Microsoft tried to replace with the Start screen was a risky and failed attempt to get rid of a very popular Windows feature.

And Microsoft knows this very well too. Not only that the Start menu is back in Windows 10, but it also gets improvements on a regular basis, so it’ll be overhauled once again with the Anniversary Update due in July. And the chances are that more enhancements would be added in the coming updates too, so there you go, the Start menu not only that is back, but it’s also here to stay.

This is the new Start menu design coming in the Anniversary Update

This is the new Start menu design coming in the Anniversary Update

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