If we are to trust the latest speculation swirling around the web, Snapchat is currently working on an official client for Windows phones and although no confirmation has been provided, some Microsoft social accounts claimed that the launch could take place later this year.

In the meantime, however, Windows phone users have just one way to access Snapchat and it’s called Specter.

At this point, Specter is the only Snapchat client available in the Windows Phone store and for some reason or another, it continues to live on, despite the fact that all the other Snapchat applications were removed, and users even got their accounts banned for turning to such solutions.

Specter, however, survives and what’s more important is that it receives updates on a regular basis, and this is what happened earlier today when version 1.6 was officially released.

The new update brings support for Snapchat stories, so Windows phone users can finally post such content too, as this is currently one of the key features of Snapchat on other platforms.

More exciting features are on their way

Some features are still missing from Specter, including the ability to send chat messages, but in the meantime, the app comes with basic functionality that no other client provides on Windows phones.

Specter allows users to log in with their existing accounts (it’s worth mentioning that some people got their accounts banned, but it appears that not everyone is experiencing this, so it might just be a matter of luck in the end), send and receive image and video messages, send and accept friend requests, and view and post day messages.

The Specter developer also says that he’s working on a bunch of new features, including notifications, swipe actions, support for Windows Hello (the biometrics authentication feature available in Windows 10 and support by new devices such as Lumia 950 and 950 XL), message history, and notifications.

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