Snapchat has been keeping itself busy enhancing its application in many ways and at the same time making it more profitable. In this regard, the company has launched a new feature inside the app, namely Memories. It will allow users to create an archive of their snaps, which they can later share.

A few weeks ago, Snapchat was said to introduce ads and insert between stories in an attempt to raise company revenue. Users would come across expandable snaps supposed to allow them to install promoted applications, watch videos, read articles and even access websites.

Snapchat also announced that it launched a new Real Life magazine that would provide daily original content to users, mainly focused on technology. The magazine publishes essays, arguments, and even narratives on living with technology.

Snapchat’s Memories will allow users to browse through an archive of Snaps

All of these changes are somewhat needed, but Snapchat didn’t provide any additional functionality to users until recently, when the company launched Memories feature on its app. The new section would allow users to create archives of their snaps, which they can later browse or even share on the platform. It does seem like a nice way to go back and view snaps that users have previously shared.

The section is easy to access, users would simply need to swipe up from the camera in order to open Memories. If they need to find a specific snap, they can type in the keywords, and the application now allows them to combine different Stories into a longer narrative.

Users can also send Snaps from Memories to their friends or even post them to their Stories. In order to distinguish between Snaps, Snapchat adds a frame around them.

In the blog post, Snapchat has pointed out that the company won’t back up any photos or videos from the Camera Roll, unless they’re used for creating a Story or added inside the My Eyes Only section. The feature will start rolling out next month.

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