Windows Phone fans got all excited a couple of weeks ago when an account handled by Microsoft’s Support staff tweeted all of a sudden that Snapchat might be working on a client for their platform, although it’s a well-known fact that this has long been one of the companies that refused to bring apps on Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

And yet, Snapchat has remained one of the most requested apps for Windows phones, so it’s quite easy to see how everyone went bananas when hearing that such a project might be in the works.

Unfortunately, however, it turns out that Snapchat isn’t coming to Windows Phone and all official signs seem to indicate that the information posted by Microsoft’s social accounts wasn’t accurate.

First of all, as we’ve already told you a few days ago, Rudy Huyn, who is currently one of the top Windows Phone developers, tweeted something which not only that makes sense, but is also very likely to be true. “Don’t trust support staff, they don’t have access to such information,” he said and he’s certainly right.

If Microsoft and Snapchat are working on a client for Windows Phone, don’t expect Microsoft Support engineers to hear about it long before you do, as the company doesn’t share such important information with people that could easily spill the beans online.

Official statements: Snapchat isn’t coming on Windows phones

At the same time, Dona Sarkar, the head of the Windows Insider program, has already denied reports of a Snapchat app coming on Windows phones and she did it once again today in a tweet that pretty much sets things straight.

“News to me,” she said last week when she was asked if Snapchat is indeed coming to Windows Phone, while today she added that this app is a project that she “hasn’t heard of.”

We’ve asked several sources at Microsoft and nobody seems to be aware of a Snapchat client for Windows Phone either, so Redmond has either embraced a CIA-like strategy and is keeping such information in very closed circles or the company isn’t working with Snapchat for a Windows app at all.

Unfortunately, the second scenario seems more likely, so don’t get your hopes too high on a Snapchat app for Windows Phone. In the meantime, more developers seem to be leaving the platform than joining it, so it would really be surprising to see Snapchat coding for Windows.

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