Microsoft’s support accounts posted online information that made everyone on Windows phones dream about a brighter future for their favorite platform. They said Snapchat was working on an app for Windows 10 Mobile, despite the fact that neither Microsoft nor Snapchat hinted that such a project might be real.

And yet, as far Rudy Huyn, one of the most famous Windows Phone app developers, is concerned, there are almost zero chances to see Snapchat building an official client for Microsoft’s mobile operating system. Rudy created his own Snapchat client for Windows Phone, but it eventually got removed from the store, just as it happened with all the other Snapchat apps available on this platform.

“In my opinion, Snapchat is not coming, never trust supports, they don’t have access to this kind of information. I worked on many top apps for Microsoft, support is always the last one to know about the,” he said in comments posted on Twitter.

Yep, he’s right

And he’s certainly right. In most of the cases, Microsoft Support doesn’t have access to information that nobody else at the company heard about (Dona Sarkar, head of the Windows Insider program, said recently that she wasn’t aware of a Snapchat app being developed for Windows phones), so it’s very likely that all these reports are not accurate.

And this wouldn’t be the first time when Microsoft’s support accounts point to information that proves to be false.

Back in late 2015, when everyone was waiting for the release of Windows 10 Mobile, a Microsoft account revealed on Facebook that the OS would launch on December 12, but the unveiling eventually took place in March this year.

Obviously, spreading false information can only lead to more frustration in the community and raise questions as to why support accounts are allowed to post such info, given the fact that their only purpose is to assist users as they try to address their technical problems.

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