One of the most exciting pieces of news that have reached the web this week in the Windows phone community concerns the Snapchat client. More exactly, the official Twitter account of Lumia Spanish said a few days ago that Microsoft was working with Snapchat to develop a client for devices running Windows 10 Mobile.

And while everyone was skeptical that this was indeed happening and even Dona Sarkar, chief of the Windows Insider program, said that she never heard of such a plan, further “confirmation” that Snapchat is coming to Windows phones comes from Microsoft Support.

If only Microsoft Support staff could be trusted

German site DeskModder has revealed a conversation with Microsoft Support about Snapchat for Windows phones, and the team working at the software giant says that this app is currently being developed, but no official release date can be provided.

“There are plans to make it available in the future, we’ll give updates when that’s close. But as of now, it is not actually yet at the store app,” Microsoft Support said in the conversation. “I can just say that it will be available soon. We are communicating still with the app developer to verify when we can add it in the store. But for now, there’s still no exact date.”

And while this is excellent news for anyone with a Windows phone still hoping to get Snapchat on their device, a warning needs to be given before anything else. Microsoft Support staff isn’t quite the best information source for unreleased Microsoft projects, especially because engineers working here don’t usually have access to such details.

It wouldn’t be the first time when inaccurate info leaks through these channels, so the only thing that could set things straight in this saga is a statement from either Microsoft or Snapchat confirming or denying that an official client is coming to Windows phones. In the meantime, it’s safer not to get your hopes too high.

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