Microsoft continues its work on Linux projects, and today the company is introducing a new Skype version that comes with several improvements over its predecessor.

Skype for Linux Alpha 1.3 brings several fixes, so if you’ve experienced issues with version 1.2, make sure you install the new one to benefit from smoother performance.

For example, Skype for Linux 1.3 fixes the post-install script on all supported distributions and repairs the “minimize to tray” feature for Cinnamon, as many users reported that this particular option wasn’t working correctly. In some cases, minimizing to tray had no result while, for others, crashed the app completely, so it’s good to see that Microsoft fixed it with this new release.

Additionally, Redmond says that it fixed the Redo shortcut for Linux (Ctrl + Y) while also adding that logging out from the menu should work “consistently” after updating this new version.

Another request for feedback

One of the essential aspects of the new Skype client for Linux is user feedback, and Microsoft emphasizes that those who try out the app need to send the bugs they discover, but also suggestions and recommendations to the company in order to help improve in future versions.

“As we develop this new version of Skype for Linux, we need you to test, provide feedback and help us prioritize features. You will notice that with the Alpha version of Skype for Linux, which uses our next generation calling architecture, you will be able to call your friends and family on the latest versions of Skype,” Microsoft explained earlier this month, when it officially released the new Skype client.

Right now, this is only version 1.3, and Microsoft explains that since it’s still in alpha development stage, bugs are very likely to be discovered, and so are other issues that could impact performance on Linux machines. This is why feedback is so important, so hopefully, things would improve with every new release.

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