S Health is one of the most popular applications to come on Samsung smartphones, but the South Korean giant made it available for all the other Android devices as well last year. The company has just released an update to S Health, and it now integrates with Runkeeper, Jawbone, and many other apps.

Samsung’s S Health allows users to track various daily activities and physical exercises inside the application. It helps users balance their lifestyle and track their diet or weight. Moreover, it comes with the option to track records such as heart rate, blood pressure, glucose levels, stress, weight, and more.

The app is featured on all Samsung smartphones starting from Galaxy S3 and should work on non-Samsung devices that run Android as long as it’s version 4.4 or later.

The update allows S Health to connect with more applications

Samsung’s S Health comes with the option to connect to multiple applications and services in order to transfer and process data through them. It can connect to Nike’s running app, and with the new update, it can also do so with Runkeeper, Misfit, Jawbone, Microsoft Health, and Strava, according to Android Police.

In order to check if the feature is available in S Health, users need to access Partner apps inside the application and go to Connected services section. The application will display a list of 6 new services. Most of the services are for exercise and sleep data, but it’s quite useful that Samsung has decided to integrate these services in the S Health.

This isn’t the only feature that Samsung has introduced, as S Health is also capable of measuring the user’s heart rate without even having to launch the application. It also counts the number of steps recorded on all synched devices and apps.

The new features are available in the version 4.8.1 of S Health, which can be downloaded from the Play Store.

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