It has been a while since manufacturers started pushing proprietary apps to the Play Store, as this method allows updating apps more easily and faster. Updates that go through the Play Store are easier to automate and push to devices. Samsung is the latest manufacturer to make its proprietary apps available in the Play Store.

S Note app seems to have landed on Google’s Play Store. The app is present on most Samsung devices, and it’s one of the most popular applications on Galaxy Note devices because of its use of the S Pen. The stylus pen can be utilized for drawing inside the application, writing a note, and doodling on pictures or screenshots.

The S Note app allows users to insert charts and pictures into notes, print, share or export notes as PDF, images, text files and more. The application syncs content across multiple devices so that information is kept safely. The S Note app in the Play Store seems to be exactly the same as the one on Galaxy Note handsets.

It works on some non-Samsung devices as well

The app has just recently been added to the Play Store, and it will soon be available on most Samsung devices. The listing suggests that the app will also work on Samsung smartphones that don’t use the S Pen, but some features that require the stylus pen won’t be available.

However, some users who don’t have Samsung devices have reported that they were able to install the application, but that it crashed upon launch. Therefore, Samsung’s strategy seems a bit unclear in this case – either the South Korean giant is planning to extend support to non-Samsung devices, or it’s trying to convince users to switch to a Galaxy Note.

Whatever the case, Samsung will now be able to push updates and bug fixes more easily on Samsung Note devices. The S Note app can be downloaded from the Play Store.

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