Samsung is scheduled to debut its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone this August, but it seems that rumors on the upcoming Galaxy S8 have already started surfacing online, although the release is due next year. What we’ve heard is that Samsung’s Galaxy S8 might sport dual cameras and 4k display.

The rumors come from China, and WCCFTech has reported that Samsung will incorporate dual-cameras on the Galaxy S8. Some fans expected to see the S7 and S7 Edge receive such a feature, but Samsung apparently decided against this.

Consequently, the company only wanted to make the S7 and S7 Edge an improvement over their predecessors, further enhancing their existing features, so innovations weren’t really a priority.

The latest hearsay also suggests that Samsung intends to equip the Note 7 with dual cameras as well, aside from the iris scanner. Considering that the Galaxy S8 will be Samsung’s flagship next year, it’s only natural that the company would implement such a feature on it too.

The Galaxy S8 could also come with a 4k display

Nevertheless, the company will also implement a 4k resolution display on the Galaxy S8. Such a display, meaning one boasting a 2160 x 3840 pixel resolution, will surely improve the VR experience on the upcoming handset. Samsung has already shown off a prototype of a 5.5-inch 4k AMOLED display with 806ppi, so such a screen on the Galaxy S8 is quite likely.

Samsung’s Gear VR currently uses the QHD display of the Galaxy S7 and other smartphones, but the image could be clearer. Hopefully, with a 4k display on the Galaxy S8, it will be so.

Sadly, there aren’t other hardware details on the upcoming phone, but considering the 4k display and dual cameras, it should pack a Snapdragon 830 SoC.

Apple is rumored to equip its iPhone 7 Plus with a dual camera, and it would make sense for Samsung to want to keep up and implement such a feature on its flagship as well.

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