Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were clearly more successful than their predecessors upon release, with early reports showing that 15 million Samsung Galaxy S7 units were shipped during April alone. Now, two recent reports from South Korea indicate that sales of the device will reach the 25 million mark by the end of this month.

Samsung managed to sell 15 million Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge units in April, and previously, 10 million were shipped in the first 20 days since their launch in March.

According to a report cited by Pulse News, sales of Galaxy S7 Edge exceeded those of Galaxy S7, although the former is about 10% more expensive than the standard model.

The reports show that the reason behind Samsung’s success with the Galaxy S7 smartphones is due to three main factors: aggressive marketing, decent quality, and early release.

Samsung focused on fixing weak points found in the Galaxy S6

The report issued by Yonhap reveals that Samsung didn’t necessarily rely on providing the latest innovation on its Galaxy S7 series. Instead, it focused on fixing weak points found in the previous series so that the successor would be greatly improved without straying away from the design concept.

In this regard, Samsung added an 18% increased battery life on the S7 compared to the S6. Camera performance was also enhanced, alongside RAM capacity and processor power.

The marketing strategy was also reformed, as Samsung also partnered with Oculus in order to offer fans a free Gear VR when purchasing a Galaxy S7 Edge.

The launch date was also carefully picked, with the Galaxy S7 series having debuted half a year after Apple released its iPhone 6s and many months before the Cupertino company reveals its upcoming model. Samsung had no competition at the time of the release, except for LG’s G5, introduced three weeks before the Galaxy S7.

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