Samsung announced an event on August 2 for releasing the upcoming Galaxy Note 7, but the company is working on other projects as well. A patent application surfaced over at Patently Mobile, showing that Samsung filed a patent for a wireless charger that would work both on smartwatches and smartphones.

The patent application was filed back in January 2016 and there’s no indication on whether the company would actually manufacture the charger or not. The application illustrates three new designs for the wireless charger and they all showcase a taller device, compared to the round flat charger that Samsung currently sells.

The new wireless charger would have the capacity to charge both a smartphone and smartwatch at the same time. This would certainly make it an attractive product to many consumers. The charger would also have the capacity to charge a camera, a smartwatch, electronic glasses, smartphones and even tablets.

The smartwatch would be placed around the charger, while the smartphone on top

The patent application shows a new design for a wireless charger that would allow the smartwatch to be placed on top of the charger or around it. Another design features a charger with sharp edges and the smartphone would be placed on top, with the screen up.

The reception on the phone would have a current induced by a magnetic field generated by the wireless charging device. The wireless charger would allow users to place the smartphone on top and the smartwatch around the charger. Another design comes with a charger that has round edges and a tall form. The smartwatch would be placed on top, in a deep indent on the top surface of the charger.

The product could be miniaturized is necessary and the patent application says that the charging efficiency could be enhanced.

The new designs are surely refreshing, but it remains to be seen if Samsung will manufacture all three designs or just stick to only one. Since this is a patent application, it’s quite unclear if and when Samsung would be releasing such a product.

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