Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 7 just a couple of days ago, and one of the novelties that it brings to the Note series is the incorporated iris scanner. Much has been said on this security feature, and it was only to be expected, considering that the iris scanner is the most secure biometric authentication technology, or at least that’s what the South Korean giant claims.

Samsung has released an in-depth analysis of the iris scanner, considering that it’s one of the main selling points of the Galaxy Note 7. The iris scanner provides additional functionality to the new device, even when it comes to using mobile payment services like Samsung Pay.

The technology allows users to perform payments without even having to touch the phone. In case you didn’t know, Samsung Pay can also be used with the fingerprint scanner found on the handset.

The iris scanning technology uses mathematical pattern recognition of images of the user’s iris, from one or both eyes. The device scans the iris, and the reason this technology is reliable is that each person has a unique and intricate iris pattern that is almost impossible to replicate.

The iris scanner was also incorporated into Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Iris, created for government organizations and enterprises in India.

Samsung spent 3 years working on the iris scanning technology

The Galaxy Note 7 stores information on the iris as an encrypted code, and when the user wishes to access content on the smartphone, the IR LED and camera capture the iris for recognition and digitize the pattern to later compare it with the encrypted code.

The iris scanner works in low light conditions, as the technology makes use of the Note 7’s display brightness in order to scan the user’s irises. Samsung points out that the IR LED is safe to use without having any health implications associated with the technology, and it has received the highest international Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 62471 (photo biological stability) certification level.

An executive has stated that the company spent 3 years working on perfecting this technology and that the iris scanner could be featured on mid-range Samsung devices as well.

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